How do I choose a used car?

When you choose a used car, you have several priority options to set up to buy the one that suits you best. The price, characteristics, durability, history and condition of the car are factors to consider. If you want a car that you like and that lasts a long time, you should not be in a hurry to make a decision, since you want the best value. At the same time, you must be ready to pay or finance it when you start shopping so you can buy right away if it is the perfect used car.

The fair price
In general, a used car will offer a better value than buying a new car, since it will have a mileage, although most cars are designed to last 100,000 miles or more. The wear that is displayed (or not) on the car will also have an impact on the price. Determine the range you want to spend and then investigate what makes and models of cars are available within that range.

Characteristics of the car
Do you want a used car with all the bells and whistles, including electric seats and windows, sunroof, leather upholstery, excellent audio equipment and a DVD player and GPS system in the car? The color of the car, the wheels and the tires and the automatic finish will also make a difference in the price. If you want to specify those characteristics, you must be prepared to pay a little more than the value of the Blue Book indicated. When you insist on any of these characteristics, specify them immediately when you buy with a representative at the dealership.

What will you use your used car for? An owner who will be driving a lot on the road should focus on factors such as comfort and driving, fuel consumption and the capacity of automobile accidents (which can be consulted in the insurance industry for road safety).

If you are going to drive a little while driving in the city, as well as driving on the highway, you should check the quality of the brakes, tires and engine wear in a used car, and there should be a service record of the automobile.

History of used car
A car that has received regular oil changes, brake service and controls and engine adjustments will make it last longer and drive better. If you make the purchase to an individual, request to see the records of the automatic service. Ask if it has been used, more in the city than on the road (since road driving is less hard on a car) or if it has ever been used as a service vehicle. When you buy a certified second-hand car (CPO) at a dealership, you will be assured that the car is in good condition.

The condition of the car
While a car can be clean and look good on the outside, there can always be problems with repairs or damage inside the car. Carefully observe the outside of the car in light and when dry to make sure it is not overlooking any damage to the body. And ask if the car has been in an accident. Inside, verify that there is no mold or smell of moisture due to a leak in the body. A test drive in which you use the windows, turn signals, lights and lights, windshield wipers, door locks and other automatic parts are essential, as it also tests the acceleration, braking, steering and general running. Check the tires and look under the body of the car to see if there is rust.

Ultimately, when choosing a used car, the characteristics and condition of the car you choose will be reflected in the price you pay, so set your budget and buy!

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