How to sell my car to a car salvage company

Unattended or aging cars that require expensive repairs or that simply do not work always have professionals in the car repair and repair sector who are looking for spare parts and old car resale for resale. The car salvage companies buy and sell the functional parts, where the scrap yards completely discarded the cars that have no value whatsoever.

Consider your inoperable car as an element of tax deduction

In case you do not find a buyer and the car is also dead by the ways, consider giving it to a non-profit organization or your favorite charity and treat this good deed as a tax deduction that matches the value of the cars!

Find a good car salvage company.

When you think about how to sell my car, the first thing to do is find a car recovery company that gives you some money for your inoperable car. You can find them online or in the newspapers too. Or conversely, you can locate an independent buyer in your area or abroad using Internet resources. Once you locate an interested buyer, you should consider the area in which you are located, since you may have to deliver the car to the buyer and take into account the towing costs to the total value generated from the sale.

Do your homework to get better results

Before selling your car, it is a good idea to visit an auto salvage auction and see the value of the offer and purchase of several cars. Used car dealerships are often the most common participants in such auctions, as they are in the second-hand car business and know what to look for in a used car. This will help you evaluate the value of your car as well.

In addition to having an idea of ​​what your car can get from $ 200 to $ 500 depending on the make and model and the special pieces you may have installed while it is in your possession, you can consult the NADA directory that gives you an evaluation basic of what Your car should be worth in the current market. On the other hand, car recovery companies can offer you online quotes regarding the value of your car.

Sell ​​pieces instead of the whole car.

You can sell the car in its entirety or in parts. To find interested buyers, use the local newspaper, bulletin boards and online periodicals to advertise the products. Do not attempt to disassemble the car yourself if you are not familiar with automobiles and dynamics. It is better to get the help of a mechanic or, better yet, let the buyer manage to disassemble the parts of his choice to reduce the damage.

Go online

To get an excellent price, consider advertising online or marketing your car and its parts on eBay. But make sure you are familiar with the functions and procedures of online auctions since you do not want to end up paying extras or lose an agreement because you do not know how the system works. A small effort will ensure that you get the maximum dollar value for an item that anyone could consider junk.

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