What makes your car easy to steal and auto theft statistics reveals

Statistics show that car theft is becoming a major problem in the United States. Every year, hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles are stolen. If your car is parked on the street, on your driveway or in a parking lot, you may be at risk.

The most commonly stolen vehicles
While sports and luxury cars are common targets for car thieves, they are not the only ones on the list of stolen vehicles most often. The most commonly stolen cars are stolen quickly and are often resold or disarmed. Then, the thief sells them in parts in various places throughout the country. According to a list of a car theft study by the National Bureau of Insurance Offenses, the most stolen vehicles include:

1995 Honda Civic
1991 Honda Accord
1989 Toyota Camry
1997 Ford F-150
1994 Chevrolet 1500
1994 Acura Integra
2004 Dodge Ram
1994 Nissan Sentra
1988 Toyota Pickup
2007 Toyota Corolla
How to prevent being a victim of car theft
The most important thing to remember is that you never leave your car unlocked. The thieves are always looking for the easiest objective, facilitating their work. They will always look to see if your window is down, your door is unlocked or if there are other easy accesses inside the car.
Also, never leave your key in the car! You may think it is safe to keep the engine of a car running on your driveway while you are finishing inside the house or in the parking lot during a quick stop at a convenience store. But, in reality, a thief only takes a few seconds to steal the car.

If you own a car that you think may be subject to grand theft, you should invest in a car alarm. The OnStar, GPS and LoJack tracking systems are also good ideas for people who feel they can be attacked.
These programs will help protect your car or can help you get your car back if stolen.

To deter thieves from stealing your vehicle, be sure not to leave anything of value in the car where people can easily see. If a criminal sees something in his car when it passes, he will be tempted to attack him. The trunk is the best place to store anything of value that should be left in the car.

When parking in a well-lit area, around many other vehicles you can also protect your car. Not only will your car be less likely to be stolen, but you will also be less likely to be a victim of car hijackers or vandalism in the car.

How to prevent auto theft
By paying attention to your surroundings, you can easily avoid vehicle theft. Since criminals always rely on the element of surprise, you should always be on guard. When you stop at a red light, look around you. Always leave enough space between your car and the car in front of you, in case you need to get out of the traffic lane quickly.

Some common scams of car theft require a criminal to use another car to place his car in an area where he can not escape. Others commonly include car hijackers who hit your car with theirs before you stop. Thieves can intentionally create an accident and steal your car as you leave evaluating the damage. Remember, if you are a victim of auto theft, your own safety is a priority. If the criminal has a weapon, be sure to stay calm. However, always be willing to give up your possessions instead of your safety.

Report the missing vehicles immediately
If your car is stolen, be sure to contact the police immediately. Give them any information that can help them locate your car or the thief who took it. Information such as VIN number, plate, brand, model and color are vital.

How owning a car can make you fall into debt

It is not a secret that owning and maintaining a car is a great commitment, especially financially. You must consider the costs of refueling, car insurance costs and maintenance fees.

Many people absolutely need a car for their work or a variety of other reasons when public transportation is not an option for them. However, many people do not realize exactly what they are getting into.

They can provide the initial costs of the vehicle, but then they have a rude awakening when the time comes for an unexpected repair.

Meanwhile, 40% of US adults do not have the funds available for an emergency of more than $ 400, which means that any unexpected cost of more than $ 400 must be charged to a credit card.

That’s a pretty considerable number of people who can be construed as people who do not realize the magnitude of the costs associated with owning a car. Or, in other words, a high percentage of Americans underestimate the cost.

Now, returning to 40% of American adults who have to charge unexpected costs to a credit card … Why is this so bad? Honestly, it’s not so bad … if the credit card holder can pay the bill at the end of the month.

However, many people are faced with the problem of not being able to pay the bill. This means that you must pay interest while you can not pay them. Consequently, that means that you will end up paying a lot more for the repair of what you needed, you run the risk of incurring credit card debts and you risk damaging your credit score.

So, how to avoid this snowball effect? The key is to create an emergency savings account that experts recommend accumulating approximately 3 to 6 months of living expenses. This may seem like a lot, but it will really accumulate if you earn $ 100- $ 300 per month. In addition, it is possible that some vehicles end up needing repairs before others, so you will want excess funds before burning them.

Financial experts also advise to review your budget and find small areas to cut corners so that this amount of savings is made. You may need to eliminate some luxuries from your routine or even look for an additional job to have money that is not yet allocated to go somewhere else in your budget. Save as much money as possible, that also means gifts.

Therefore, do not let your personal vehicle get you in debt. It can be prevented whenever you are proactive, taking the right steps to save money that you can use when you really need it. Remember to consider how much the typical car repair actually costs and you will surely be prepared to handle most of the costs associated with the vehicle.

Now is the best time to rent a new car

Leasing a car for personal use is becoming very popular these days. In fact, it prevents an individual from taking the trouble to own a particular car, keeping it during its estimated life cycle and then trying to get rid of it at a value that they perceive as ideal resale value of their car. There may be situations or circumstances in which the price an individual may obtain for selling his car is lower than he would have expected or assumed. There is always this risk factor that is involved when it comes to dealing with your own car.

Apart from this, running a purchased car tends to be a slightly expensive affair. The individual is required to put the lump sum of money at the beginning, to buy the car or his choice. The type of budget or monetary margin can also decide which car to buy, something that might not be the first option for the buyer. Second, users would have to take care of the maintenance and other operating expenses of their car. Then they could claim the depreciation benefits depending on the estimated useful life of the car.

This is where the car rental or contract rental facilities come into play. The benefits of car rental or contract hire services is that a person can enjoy driving the car of their own choice at a much cheaper price without having to own the car. The fundamentals of contracting by contract are very easy and simple, in which a user is required to use a private car up to a specific residual value in a certain number of years. The monthly charges would include things like taxes and road maintenance as well. Apart from this, users are also entitled to discounts for volume and depreciation of the buyer, which can be charged from the first day. By looking closely at the whole scenario, buyers realize that leasing or hiring a car is a much cheaper option since it covers most of their risks and gives them the option to choose a car of their choice without costs. very high initials.

Leasing or contracting of used vehicles is also a novel and cost-effective way to own a car of your choice. Opting for a used car gives users the opportunity to opt for a higher, more expensive and better segment in their specific budget. New cars turn out to be expensive and users may not be able to choose a car of their choice due to budget constraints. With the option of a used car, users do not have to worry about these things. In fact, they can go ahead and choose a car that is one level higher in the segment they would have gone to when choosing a new car.

Apart from this lease or contracting of used cars, it also turns out to be quite profitable for users, ideal for users with a limited budget or for the first time. Users do not have to worry about selling cars for a decent amount at the end of their useful life with the hiring or contracting, they can simply return the car and enter a new one without having to go through the hassles of reselling and buying. Another advantage offered by the option of leasing or hiring used cars is that most of the time, users can find a better conditioned vehicle at a much lower price.